A Muralist Who Paints Portraits.

A Muralist Who Paints Portraits.

I think most artists are motivated by creative curiosity and want to try all sorts of mediums and
styles and subject matter. For that reason, I have tried my hand at portraiture, as well as being
an important tool for enhanced mural work.

The other day I was going through some sketch pads looking for spare pages and I came
across some preparatory sketches for portraits. I was actually pleasantly surprised how good
they were as some-one who is very self-critical I did not remember them as anything special.

I have decided that they should be given to the subjects, it is better they can enjoy them rather
than be hidden away in some cupboard.

I think it is useful to use figurative art in mural painting and being able to get a likeness to a
the subject is a definite bonus.

A sketch of Peruvian Ballad Singer Roxana Valdivieso

Finished painting of Roxana

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